Logging in… and it’s straight to the shops


Originally uploaded by st0nemas0nry

Eventually Alison was able to log in to SL with her Telstra 3G wireless card – even Azim couldn’t successfully access SL using the SLQ wireless network – and she demonstrated briefly how to move around (walking, flying) in Terra Incognita.
Just as Alison’s avatar was viewing Decka Mah’s instructional boards, another SLer wandered in wearing a stunning pair of boots. And so we ended up in a kinky boots shop, browsing outrageous creations.
Avatar appearance, clothing and accessories are very important, so it’s worth knowing the best places to go to.
Next time… we’ll have a proper session at the shops. It’s educational after all.


2 Responses to “Logging in… and it’s straight to the shops”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    Hi Simon

    I thought you may have said you had a blog but I thought I might be imagining it! Well done, looking forward to hearing more about your journey. Sorry there was issues with accessing it. Great news that you have a SL group going.

    As always.
    Your Mini-me

  2. cafechat Says:

    Hi Sue,

    I’m looking forward to the time when we are all logged in from over here, then we can meet you and have you show us around the shops… oops I mean the educational facilities.

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