Blog comments…


Blog comments…

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I don’t know what it is about this video clip I made with my students over a year ago, but out of the few video clips I’ve posted to YouTube, this one receives the most negative comments.

There are positive comments too, but the negative ones are usually posted by YouTube users that have uploaded no clips themselves, and have relatively new accounts.

Comments directed at the students carrying out the project I’ve always thought unfair because they are just learning.

Previously, I would delete unwelcome comments and block the user if the were particularly nasty.

But now I have decided to embrace negative comments with affirming replies.

After all, aren’t I wanting visitors to read and respond?



3 Responses to “Blog comments…”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    I wonder though if you do want to engage with the YouTube community; when they are behaving like this. I use Google Video for hosting my videos because if I want people to comment on the video I embed it into a blog so am less concerned with comments on the video site.

  2. cafechat Says:

    I guess I didn’t know how YouTube users would respond until I did engage them. I can see now that it was not the right path – think I’ll stick to TeacherTube and Google video for some professional feedback on videoclips.

  3. TAFE Qld ResourceBank and My.TAFE « Cafechat’s Weblog Says:

    […] My prior experiences contributing material to WebCT, Blackboard, Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube were useful because ResourceBank operates in a similar […]

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