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Tokbox is a cool way to send video mail and video conference. All you need is a web cam and microphone (computer and Internet connection too of course). Register at the Tokbox site and you’re ready to go straight away.

I embedded a Tokbox widget at my Facebook profile page (using the “embed” tab at the top of the Tokbox page) so I can send video mail directly from there.

Sue and Jo in Melbourne invited me to a conference via Twitter this evening. Six participants is the maximum at one time. There was a bit of confusion as each new participant adjusted their webcam and microphone settings, and logged in to get as user name set up.

I video mailed Carol, who immediately replied with her own video message.

Will teachers and students use this application?


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2 Responses to “Tokbox video mail and conferencing”

  1. murcha Says:

    Hi I like the look of this tool Chrissy from NZ invited me to join so will have to have a go at it sometime. Anyway, I have tagged you for the meme passion quilt. See my post at for details.
    Thanks for participating

  2. Anderson Says:

    Personally I’ve used it often during last few months. While there have been a couple bumps here and there, overall it’s really impressive. i use it to talk to my tech savvy mom (who has a mac with conferencing appliance for all purposes), and my buddies. I also use it at work to connect with the lead designer on the product I manage when one of us is out of the office. Its good as a standalone but its facebook widget is quiet buggy I am not sure how you get it going…

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