TROPIC workshop


TROPIC workshop

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Peter arranged for Martha Goldman and the TROPIC team to run a workshop for 11 VET teachers in Brisbane 25-26 February. Five teachers were from trade areas, four of whom are employed by SkillsTech Australia.

TROPIC is Teachers Reflecting On Practices In Context.

The TROPIC program develops 10 teaching microskills through a series of peer observations, followed by teacher reflection on their classroom practices, hence the acronym.

The Brisbane workshop consisted of a series of instructional sessions, followed by role plays in teaching, observing and debriefing activities.

Now it up to us teachers to put what we learned into practice, observing and mentoring our colleagues, guided by Martha’s team.

Web resources relevant to the TROPIC program are saved in stonemasonry’s social bookmarking application.



One Response to “TROPIC workshop”

  1. Martha Says:

    I like the way the toys next to Peter in the photo capture the true gravity and dignity of the occasion! Thanks Simon, I’m so glad you are enhancing the online aspects of our network.

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