Using PowerPoint to manipulate images


Stone carving class 2

Originally uploaded by st0nemas0nry

This photo montage was the result of an accidental discovery. That is, a PowerPoint slide fits nine 3×4 photos sized two and a half inches high and three inches wide.

The Method:
Group select and import nine images into a PowerPoint slide.
While they are still grouped, resize them all to two and a half inches high.
Ungroup the selection and distribute eight of them evenly around the slide’s edges, leaving one image in the centre.
Colour the slide’s background to either mask or complement the images. This will help to cover any gaps between them.
Save the slide as a JPEG, and upload to Flickr.

Don’t forget to add the image to your favourite group’s photo pool and then use it to frame a blog post.



3 Responses to “Using PowerPoint to manipulate images”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    That’s so clever – I had been pondering for a week how you had done this; thinking which online application has he used. And nope — easy solution = PowerPoint.

  2. cafechat Says:

    Nice comment, Sue- thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Editing screen captures for video streaming: « Cafechat’s Weblog Says:

    […] had earlier described creating .jpg format images with PowerPoint to insert into video clips. It is handy to recall this technique to bolster streaming video clips […]

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