TAFE Qld ResourceBank and My.TAFE


TAFE Qld ResourceBank and My.TAFE

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RB02 Training Session
I’ve just completed my first formal ResourceBank training session. ResourceBank is the TAFE Queensland database (built on the Equella platform), with an interface called My.TAFE (provided by Janison Systems).

At the two-hour session, I learned how to contribute a resource to ResourceBank. My prior experiences contributing material to WebCT, Blackboard, Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube were useful because ResourceBank operates in a similar way.

The resources I have developed for RFID Learning Table required arrangement in a similar way to that required by ResourceBank. I had learned that it was easiest to order all relevant materials in a hierarchy of folders and sub-folders, with an indexing document listing Title, Description and Tags (metadata, search terms) as well as setting out the methods and process steps that the lesson should follow. Keeping an indexing document sped up the Contribution process, enabling copying and pasting information rather than re-typing it all.

The five checkpoints
All material submitted to ResourceBank must meet TAFE Queensland guidelines. Although it will be up to a resourcing officer such as a librarian to check material against each guideline, the task will be made easier if a developer such as me learns how to meet the required standards.

TAFE Queensland Learning Resource Design Principles – Checkpoints
The standards are:
Principle 1: Presentation
Principle 2: Learning Design
Principle 3: TAFE Qld. Intellectual Property
Principle 4: Discovery and reuse
Principle 5: Accessibility

Moderating submitted material
I submitted a PowerPoint presentation to our trainer for moderation, after which I searched for other resources submitted by other session participants. I learned that each resource should carry TAFE Qld Copyright clearance. My PowerPoint presentation consisted of two dozen CAD drawings that I had created. We discussed how Copyright should apply to the intellectual material which I had sourced from a 1914 Geometrical Drawing textbook.

Coming up
The next learning sessions will focus on My.TAFE, managing contributed ResourceBank materials in Janison’s Learning Management System.


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One Response to “TAFE Qld ResourceBank and My.TAFE”

  1. Robyn :D Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Sounds like you are enjoying learning about ResourceBank. It should be a really useful system when everyone starts sharing their resources with each other.

    We (Jay and I) just started delivering the my.TAFE training this week which I was really excited about. I think Janison is much better than iLearn and I can’t wait till we go live to the students (hopefully next semester for some modules).

    Let me know how you go.

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