txt2spch podcasting

txt2spch podcasting

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Txt-2-speech podcasting:
When I learned about OdioGo text-to-speech podcasting from Lyn Marentette’s Classroom 2.0 update, I decided to apply it to my own blog. Visiting the OdioGo homepage, I pasted my blog’s URL and email address into the spaces provided.

It took me about fifteen minutes to carry out the instructions delivered in a verification email from OdioGo. An OdioGo subscription button soon appeared in my blog widget pane.

Podcast subscription:
This step was easier than any other subscription service I’d tried. I just clicked “Click here to subscribe to this feed with iTunes” and my iTunes podcast list was automatically updated. I copied these files to my mobile phone to listen to on my way to work.

MP3 downloads:
Other options are to listen to the files directly from the computer, or singly download separate files for selective listening.

The reader’s voice:
OdioGo presents the reader as “near-human.” It’s very good, I’ll admit – much better than listening to my own voice, something I’ll never become used to. Hearing my text read out in a soft American accent was a pleasant surprise! I’ll need to adapt my writing style to suit a different phrasing, and I’ll also experiment with the word “stone masonry” so that it sounds less like “stunner messenry.”



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  1. podcast directory Says:

    podcast directory…

    I wholeheartedly 100% agree. I could not have said it any better…

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    […] moblogging – Blogging audio files from a mobile phone: Since discovering the OdioGo speech-to-text blog application, I’d been wondering about bypassing the computer and blogging directly from a mobile […]

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