(near to) Where I live

surf report from burleigh heads

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This update is in response to Michelle Martin’s Bamboo Project Web2.0 Wednesday

I couldn’t resist walking on the beach when I visited Burleigh Heads after carrying out a skill assessment today. Although I had my swimming togs and a towel with me, I didn’t want to take time to get my work gear off and on again, so instead of swimming I just spent a few minutes watching the surfers ride the small but well-formed swell around the rocky point.

Burleigh Heads is at the Gold Coast (close to the New South Wales-Queensland border) about an hour’s pleasant drive south from where I live. Looking north, you can see the high-rise apartments of Surfers Paradise.



9 Responses to “(near to) Where I live”

  1. Michele Martin Says:

    Simon, this is so gorgeous and peaceful! One of my goals in life is to live near the water where I could enjoy this every day. A few years ago I drove the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Salinas, CA on my way to my grandmother’s funeral. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, doing it alone, feeling so incredibly emotional and then experiencing the most incredible views of the ocean at almost every turn. The views of the sea helped me calm myself and this scene reminds me of that experience. Thank you.

  2. cafechat Says:

    You’re right about that, Michelle. The sea has always seemed to share its personality with me, as if it has moods switching between calm, playful and angry.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I love the sounds – the raw power of those waves.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. inpi Says:

    I loved the sound of the sea roaring as the water came swirling. What a beautiful place, Simon.

  5. jenverschoor Says:

    At the moment I live near a River called Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires. When I was young I lived near the sea and it was wonderful to be able to go to the beach everyday. I really miss that!!
    Enjoy this beautiful beach!!!

  6. curiouschild Says:

    Man, that’s beautiful. How relaxing. Thanks for posting.

  7. Sue Waters Says:

    The ocean has played such an important part of my life that I couldn’t imagine not living near it. When I was I kid we lived in Manjimup and inland country town (ocean was about 2 hours away) in the lower South West of the State. My dad grew up in Amsterdam and feel in love with the ocean from a very early age. So every possible weekend and school holiday we would travel from our town to our hut by the ocean (it was the only place we went for holidays).

    Off course when I grew up I ended up working in a profession that involves the sea; my office over looks the sea, I get to watch the ships come into harbor and I drive all the coast every day to see the waves crash on the way to work. PS hate swimming 🙂

  8. Andy Says:

    Great post, and thanks for making me think of summers from about 40 years ago, right here…


  9. cafechat Says:

    I rarely see the ocean these days. When I was young, my family moved from a western Queensland sheep and cattle station to the coast. Our new home on the Recliffe peninsula looked over Moreton Bay and we swam every day in the public swimming pool and at weekends, in the bay. Now that I live at Wynnum (an hour’s travel to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast beaches) I only see the sheltered bay waterfront.

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