Editing screen captures for video streaming:


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I had earlier described creating .jpg format images with PowerPoint to insert into video clips. It is handy to recall this technique to bolster streaming video clips with PowerPoint slides.

Video streaming:
TAFE Queensland Videolinq hosts streaming video of stonemasonry processes and techniques. The video is viewed in an Internet browser window together with a PowerPoint slideshow.

The slides are required to accompany about an hour of edited video clips on several topics. Streaming from the Videolinq server, the slides help to describe the moving images, as well as giving the viewer a break from staring at the adjacent video viewing window.

Copying the screen:
The screen captures are sourced from the original high-resolution video data that has been copied to CDROM. Using a media player to play the video, it is paused at appropriate points – pressing the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard copies the screen image to the Windows clipboard.

Pasting the screen capture:
Opening a new PowerPoint presentation, a series of new blank slides are created to receive the screen captures. The screen is ‘dumped’ by clicking on the slide and pressing Ctrl + V

Re-sizing the image:
The image captured from the screen (4 x 3) is conveniently proportioned to suit a PowerPoint slide (10 inches x 7.5 inches). However, the image will probably also include unwanted bits like toolbars and screen icons. Dragging the nodes at the corners of the selected image extends the image outside the slide’s viewing area. In ‘normal view’, a preview of the end result is displayed in the left hand pane. This technique is also useful for zooming in on details.

Annotating slides:
PowerPoint is useful for adding bits such as block arrows and Word Art. This helps to explain what’s happening in the video clip in simple terms.

Compressing the file size:
Because the slide show is meant to be viewed on a screen, the images can be compressed to reduce the file size. Select any image in the presentation and double click (or single right click) to format the picture. There is a “Compress Picture” option in the “Picture” tab – click on this and choose to reduce “All Pictures” to “Web Screen” resolution (96 dots per inch).



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