moblogging- blogging directly from my mobile phone

My friend Sue Waters has pushed me off my cozy perch once again. Excited about her new iphone, Sue asked me during a Skype chat how I blog from my mobile phone. Well I had to answer that I only like to upload photos directly from my phone to Flickr and then write about the image later because I only felt secure when I had an image to write about. I always write the blog text at my computer because I’m not confident using the alphanumeric keypad on my phone. Except for this time. Sue, I learn something new each time we talk, because you continually challenge me to try new things- thank you!


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3 Responses to “moblogging- blogging directly from my mobile phone”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    Okay so tell me how you did it. Posterous? or another tool? Mmmm the challenge is on!

  2. cafechat Says:

    I’m unable to email because of some fault with my phone. So I just log in to WordPress and upload from there- unfortunately, I couldn’t see that my hard-won text had been sent, so I re-sent it eight times. Oops!

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