Recording POV video in the training workshop


recording POV video in the training workshop

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The EDUPOV spyglasses arrived yesterday, so today I took them to Eagle Farm after familiarising myself with the operating procedure. Not wanting to risk damage to the glasses from flying stone particles, dust or water, I bought a $17 pair of safety goggles to protect the equipment. Although the video quality is slightly reduced, wearing safety glasses is a requirement of workshop and site activities. The spy glasses case fits snugly inside the goggles, and hang from a lanyard around my neck when they’re not in use. I recorded a short video clip, converted the file format, edited the dodgy bits, and then uploaded it to accompany the Flickr photos.
At first, I found it difficult to know when the device was recording, and where it was pointing. These will be the skills I need to practice. The recording format is 3gp, used by mobile phones.
Converting, editing and uploading
I use Windows Movie Maker to make movie files, but because the 3gp format is not compatible with it, I used Zamzar to convert the file to AVI format. It was then possible to import the converted file into Windows Movie Maker, cut the dodgy bits, and save in WMV format.
I uploaded the short video clip to Flickr, accompanying the few photos in myEDUPOV set – and, as my recording skills improve, I’ll continue to add to the Youtube EDUPOV video pool.



4 Responses to “Recording POV video in the training workshop”

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  2. Coach Carole Says:

    Hi Simon, I’ve successfully converted the 3gp files from the spyglasses to avi files. They come into Movie Maker 2 just fine.
    I’ve added a couple with some ‘slides’ in between – only a minute or so in length, – but it now refuses to save/publish to my computer.
    I’m beginning to think that there is a fault with MM2.
    Help please when you can.

  3. cafechat Says:

    Hi Carole, I haven’t had this trouble with WMMII and avi files – but I did get sick of the conversion and editing process. Now, I’m editing 3gp files in Picasa and uploading straight to Youtube. It was another learning process for me, but it’s much simpler. Have you tried Picasa? It’s a free download at

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