RFID Learning Table

RFID Learning Table
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Learning Table 1.03
It’s been a while coming, but finally Learning Table is set up in the stonemasonry classroom. Daniel Dacey sorted the problem with roaming profile in the institute network, and Learning Table 1.03 is working well.

Marketing the institute
The institute marketing section helped with the Learning Table Reader card design, so that other teaching teams could one day develop asset cards like in the photo. The cards could also be useful at a marketing event, triggering promotional displays at a kiosk.

Organising assets
The business card holder is a convenient way to organise RFID tags stuck to the back of an asset card. Swiping the RFID tag in the card holder activates a pre-set learning object, making it easy for teachers or students to choose a lesson.

Developing assets
Assets are developed according to need, that is, knowing whether video, PowerPoint, audio or image files or a combination are best. For instance, a drawing task might just require a simple PowerPoint slideshow but a safety issue may need video to explain things a little better. I am currently developing 25 separate learning objects ready for the next block release class beginning in two weeks. I don’t expect to complete them all by then, but at least students will benefit from what I manage to get done.


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  2. Allison Miller Says:

    Hi Simon

    I have a horticulture colleague in TAFE SA, Jim Plummer, who is very interested in RFIDs and the Learning Object table, and I will pass on this blog post to him.

    Cheers, Allison Miller

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